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Trump, Psychopathy & Success

Posted on January 8, 2017 at 11:15 AM

It is a wonder that America did not think of it before.

Trump is the first honest-to-goodness businessman ever elected to the highest office in a Nation that prides itself on enterprise and is the Global Beacon of Capitalism.

And at long last the USA has a president not tied to vested interests. He has paid his own way to the Presidency and, while a few favours might be called in, is beholden to no-one except the voters , and certainly not Vladimir Putin.

The USA has given us presidents who were Lawyers, Crooks, Farmers, Football Players, Movie Stars and Generals, all them more or less Professional Politicians and beholden not only to the electorate, the financiers and the influence-mongers but to the Party that put them there.

This time it is President Trump who has put the Republican Party where it is now, and in the words of CJ, he

“ … didn't get where [he is] today without recognising Success City Arizona* when I see it."

Trump, I venture to suggest, has the makings of a successful President (I am surprised to hear myself say). He can, within the limits of his power and with prudence, do what he wants, and that may be considered a success in itself.

But is he a Psychopath?

I ask this only because I am interested in Psychopaths and they pop up everywhere and are, in their own terms are pretty successful. No matter that they can wreck the place in the process, a psychopath has a fierce edge when it comes to Business amongst other things. Politics, War – this is where the above average Psycho can flourish, bringing all their initiative, flair for manipulation and single-minded ambition to aggrandise themselves, whilst incidentally** slaughtering millions and running amok in general all with the imprimatur of The State.

I don’t know if Trump is this sort, or any sort of psychopath, but I imagine Putin is. Otherwise his bare-chested posturing in the woods would seem somewhat ridiculous if her weren’t at least a bona fide Double-0.


 * Successville USA 

** Hitler seemed to revel in destruction as much as construction, so he may be an exception.


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